Learning about Roman Jewelry and their Importance


Ancient Roman jewelry is traced back to both Etruscan and Hellenistic jewelry where it was mostly adorned with colored stones such as rubies, pearls, topazes among others. Its designs were mainly influenced by places where the Romans conquered, designers indulged in the extravagance of the designs they came across. The campaign of the Roman empire power in Italy bore an influence on the Italy jewelry. Roman rings were a symbol of ancient jewelry. In the ancient times, only women of high status wore ornamental jewelry which was worn on their ears, hands, arms, and neck. This still proves true today, with women using pieces like swarovski crystal bead necklace variants and the like.

The ancient accessories came inform of glass rings, glass earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. In the ancient times, glass was a popular medium of jewelry, which started during the Augustan age. Before the Augustan age, buyers of jewelry were conservative but creativity flourished as time passed. Roman jewelry from the ancient times set trend on jewelry that has lasted to date.

The glass Roman Jewel history is dated back to two thousand years ago mainly from Israel. At first, the glass jewelry was only for the wealthy but later become available to the public as time passed by. The Roman glass is made of sand and its colors are a result of the glass reaction of the geographical facts such as water, heat, earth minerals and climate changes.

If you own a piece of Roman glass ring, stunning glass earrings or cufflinks the best way to take of is by avoiding any water contact, the jewelry should be removed before taking a shower or any water contact. Also by avoiding the jewelry coming into any contact with hair sprays, perfumes, hand creams body lotions as much as possible. The same way the glass acquired its colors from reaction with water, heat and earth minerals, the jewelry will be at a risk to react with such perfumes and lotions and end up losing its colors. You can get such pieces at www.romadesignerjewelry.com

Roman glass jewelry and other types of jewelry should be cleaned after use, one can clean the jewelry by use of a clean piece of clothing or give to a specialized jeweler to clean it .one can prevent the Roman glass jewelry from tarnishing by getting a good jewelry box. This way one can keep their jewelry safe and the jewelry is also protected from the atmosphere. Also, storing the jewelry in their original jewelry bags that are designed to protect the jewelry from tarnishing helps it. Roman glass jewel should be handled with utmost care as every piece of jewelry is a piece of ancient history. If you are looking for ancient style yet modern jewelry, check out this video: https://youtu.be/cz2E6EC-EXk


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